In which we reach a milestone…

Today is B&G’s first blogiversary….it was supposed to be a free week, but I couldn’t celebrate a milestone year with stuff from the pantry, so instead, I visited the fish ladies, and bought this…

local striper.

And then I proceeded to burn the skin side and smoke myself out of the kitchen. But that’s quite alright, because I just removed the skin, and added a delightful corn, mushroom leek and bacon cream sauce, and poured myself a glass of Gruner and toasted my little blog. Dinner was tasty, but not perfect, which I guess is pretty standard around here, and ultimately, quite fitting. Next time. I should have made a cake. Or cupcakes at least. But as I mentioned in my last post, I am currently brainstorming for TWO wedding cakes I have coming up this fall, so there will be plenty of baking in the next couple of days. I promise to keep you posted. But until then, Happy Blogiversary to B&G. 80 posts and almost 6,000 hits add up to a year of maintaining my sanity. Thanks for reading!

A dinner worthy of a first blogiversary...

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