In which I share the second installment…

Day three of free pay period, and I thought I would share. Two posts in one day is certainly a new thing, but I can’t help myself. This little spot keeps me sane. Work is total drudgery that I will try to refrain from complaining about because it is a sadness of my making, but a sadness nonetheless. 

I was in the mood for absolutely nada when I got home tonight. Well, not nada, I was in the mood for a glass of wine, and luckily the bottle was already open, because I am not even sure I could have come up with the motivation to use a corkscrew. I opened up the fridge a couple of times, and I opened up the cabinets a couple of times, and I checked facebook a couple of times, and I had a couple of sips of wine, and I was still no closer to dinner. And then I remembered a couple of things. 



There is a relatively new store at the far end of my street that carries homemade (you can watch her doing it through the window and everything…) pasta at very reasonable prices, and most other Italian ingredients you can think of at not so reasonable prices. But I love it, because the guy that works the register is the very same fellow that made the very best mozzarella cheese in the neighborhood, and was rudely displaced from his storefront this fall. I am thrilled that he is now making his fantastic mozzarella at the new pasta shop. They also sell these ciabattas, which are probably the best I have seen in some time. Or ever -I talk like I have seen a lot of ciabattas in my day. These are very very delicious. The crust is really crusty and the middle is filled with air and it is just generally delightful. And I had one in the freezer. That and the last avocado I bought a while back that was still hanging out in the fridge were dinner. 



I toasted two slices of bread (and got my arm workout while I was doing it since the loaf was frozen and it took a lot of work to slice through it. As my mom would say, holla!)  Mashed the avocado and squeezed some lemon over it, and then spread the avocado on the toast and sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper. And then two avocado toasts weren’t enough, so I went back for a third. And I was happy. 

This is comforting and filling and delicious and happy-making. And from a work-to-reward-ratio perspective, it totally wins the prize. Monday night came close, but this still wins. And now, as I stay up and wait for the new Mr. and Mrs. to return from their freezing mini honeymoon to Florida so I can pick them up from the airport, I can face the prospect of a couple of hours of work, because I had avocado toasts for dinner, and it comforted me. 



Also helping? Lyle Lovett and his voice that sounds like what I think caramel would sound like if it could sing. Thanks, Lyle. 

PS The WordPress editor just told me that “motivation” is a cliché. I am at a loss.

One thought on “In which I share the second installment…

  1. You found the cheeseman!! I’m so excited for you–the North End would not have been the same without him. When you are done eating for free get a prosciutto/mozz/tomato/basil sandwich and think of me.

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