In which I begin my adventures in free week…

tasty tasty chickpeas

Free week has begun! Monday night was my first foray into free week and it was a success! Though actually, I thought back and realized that I haven’t purchased anything since New Year’s Eve, but Monday was my first conscience attempt at free week, so I am going to count it starting there.  

I bought all those chickpeas at Costco a while back, and I had fried chickpeas stuck in my head from somewhere, so for a bar snack for NYE I decided to try it. I just fried some chickpeas in oil and then sprinkled them with kosher salt and Pimenton Dulce. I will need to work on actually getting them crispy next time, but they were delicious. And I was totally not expecting to like them. Which is obviously why I bought six cans at Costco. I didn’t really think I cared much for chickpeas. I like hummus, and I love good falafel, but on their own all I ever think of is those gross plastic looking ones that I see and avoid on salad bars. But as it turns out…delicious. My mind is blown. Next stop, Chana Masala, which I desperately want to make, but involves cardamom pods and other things I don’t have, so it will have to wait until after free week.  

Incidentally, last night, for my second attempt a free week dinner, I made fried rice with some pork belly I had in the freezer, bok choy, carrots, frozen corn and dried mushrooms, and I have leftovers so, bonus!  

I have already written about fried rice, so I will give you a picture and call it a day.

But also I made ricotta cheese, with the idea of making ricotta gnocchi this week. And then I realized the obnoxiousness of having “free week” when one of the things I can whip up is ricotta gnocchi. It makes me sound like an ass. Shut it, Meghan. So free week is now free pay period. I will not buy anything foodish until I get paid again, on the 15th. It may be easy now, but it is going to get painful, or maybe it never will, and that will indicate serious issues. I am nervous and excited.  

More in the true spirit of free week, I had a fair amount of fried chickpeas left over from New Year’s, and a red onion and a hunk of parmesan in the fridge. Olive oil in a frying pan, garlic and red onion to soften, chick peas in to warm through.  

almost done already.

I took them out of the frying pan, hit them with a bit more salt, squeezed half a lemon over the bowl, and drizzled just a splash more olive oil over them. Then for the final step, I added some Parmesan that I shaved with the vegetable peeler. And it was done. That was it. I think the whole thing took seven minutes. Now, if the chickpeas hadn’t been fried already, I would have sautéed them a bit longer, and added the onion and garlic after the chickpeas I think, but still, it wouldn’t have been too difficult or taken too long. And it was delicious. I was so excited, because it was unexpected. I had no idea how I would feel about this dinner, and as it turns out, I would eat it even if it wasn’t free week, and plan on doing so. I am pretty excited about that.  

dinner in seven minutes. take that Rachel Ray.

PS WordPress seems to have a new feature in which the editing feature points out the passive voice, complex expressions and clichés. I am pretty sure I am not interested particularly until they learn to recognize the word “yesterday.”

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