In which I am running out of ideas for all my vegetables…

I need some inspiration. And some work free time to spend in my kitchen. Yesterday was CSA day again (yay CSA day!) and this time they just said to fill my bag with $25 of whatever I wanted from the farm stand.  $25 is A LOT from the farm stand.  This is what I ended up with.

I can no longer remember what week this is...

I can no longer remember what week this is...(note to self, close the bathroom door in the background before a photo shoot)

Six ears of corn, two giant zucchini, two cukes, about a 1/2 pound of haircots verts, two tomatoes, a bunch of beets (the light ones don’t stain your hands!) and seven dahlias.  I think it actually came to $24.50.  They totally owe me.  So what to do? I think the two zucchini might have been a mistake. One huge zucchini is probably enough for one person. I think I am going to make some fritters or something with that. Or maybe a play on a scallion pancake with scallions AND zucchini? That sounds promising. The second one will hang out in my fridge and taunt me for a couple of days, along with the carrots and leeks from last week (I really am going to make that leek tart this weekend.) The cucumbers will be easy, I have dill and I will make some cucumber salad with rice vinegar and a little sugar and salt. Perhaps I can lure my sister down from New Hampshire with that, it’s her fave. I’ll probably roast the beets again and throw them in a salad. That is my favorite way to eat them anyway. Why mess with a sure thing?

Also when I was at the farmers’ market yesterday I picked up two fantastic looking thick cut bone in pork chops. Farmers’ market meat is EXPENSIVE, but I had pork chops a couple weeks ago from the same place and they were amazing, so I am really excited to try the thick ones. They are brining right now. I don’t have a grill, so I will probably pan roast them? I have a grill pan, but it is cast iron, and it was pre-seasoned, and therefore useless and stupid and starting to rust. Don’t buy pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. Do it yourself. Easiest thing in the world and never gives me trouble. If my grill pan was in working shape, that is how I would do them for sure. I either have to remedy this situation before I prepare the pork, or I have to figure out a different way. Here they are:

In the brine.

In the brine.

So pretty hanging out in there! The brine is part water, part apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt and what ever aromatics I had in the cabinet. Bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns, mustard seed, dried chilies, a cinnamon stick-I pretty much consulted several different sources about brining, and if it was mentioned even once in any of them and I had it in the house, it went in there. It looks pretty, and I am pretty excited about that. Results to follow.

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