In which I wonder who I think I am…

It was the Bachelorette finale last night. Obviously I had to make a special dinner to celebrate the true unending love that is going to grow from this union.  Any self-respecting person would.

I started with a gimlet. I love gimlets, and sometimes I make them for myself. I don’t think this is a problem. I got beets last week with my CSA share, and I decided to roast them (in my toaster oven, as it was way too freakin hot to turn on the real oven.) I also got some goat cheese rolled in dill, and I picked up a couple oranges yesterday.  I roasted and sliced the beets and layered them with the cheese.  A couple of orange segments and a vinaigrette made with fresh orange juice, olive oil and a little salt and pepper finished it off. I love the combination of roasted beets and goat cheese, but the addition of the oranges totally elevates the duo.  It is really good.  You could also add pistachios or pumpkin seeds for crunch, or if you wanted to dress it up or make it larger for lunch or dinner on its own, add crab or lobster meat. The beets were little, so two little stacks were perfect for a first course.

beets and goat cheese with oranges

beets and goat cheese with oranges

Main course was lobster summer rolls.  This is the third time in four days I had lobster. Apparently I think I am a Rockefeller (that is a trend in Beantown these days.) Actually, I can thank Tony for one of those meals, so perhaps I just think I am a Kennedy. Summer rolls are, quite frankly, a total pain in the ass.  The summer roll skin tears easily, and sticks to itself, and the filling is constantly trying to escape. I suspect there is some user error involved, since I am sure summer rolls are much older than I, but it’s a struggle every time. I am not sure why I don’t just make a cellophane noodle salad, all the same deliciousness without any of the difficulty, but I suppose until I master them I will continue to try. I was only able to get one (of the four that I made) to pose nicely for a picture.

my best effort

my best effort

And even that looks a little haggard.  No matter though, these things are flipping delicious.  The filling is cellophane noodles, mango, avocado and lobster (or shrimp, or crab or rare tuna.) The cellophane noodles are dressed with rice vinegar, brown sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and scallions. Typically the dressing is rice vinegar and sugar and the rest of the ingredients go in a dipping sauce, but have you ever smelled fish sauce? The stuff is foul, and since I like to eat on the couch, I have to hold the plate sort of close to my face. It’s an appetite killer. Tastes delicious, smells nasty. So I mix it into the dressing for the noodles, and that takes care of that problem. My appetite remains intact. Good thing, that.

That was my celebratory dinner. Here’s to Jillian and Ed. You may have finally cracked my addiction to the Bachelor phenomenon, and I thank you for that. Good luck lovebirds, I see great things in your future.

3 thoughts on “In which I wonder who I think I am…

  1. The other Meredith (again! I need to post first one of these days - or maybe this will just be my new 'handle')

    Um – beets are gross.

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