In which I had a fantastic 15 hours in food…

Disclaimer right up front – no photography to accompany this one.  Unless I am at the French Laundry, I feel a bit squeamish about taking pictures of the food in restaurants.  You will have to rely purely on my powers of description…

Saturday 1:00pm – We went to the new Sel de la Terre on Boylston for lunch. We were hoping for outside, but we we starving, which trumped the desire for al fresco dining.  First up, oysters and little necks and a bottle of a Malbec rose. Delish. Then I had about a loaf of olive bread while I waited for my most delicious burger with bacon and aioli and their perfect rosemary fries. The lunch took FOREVER as our server was kind of useless, but we had fun, so all was well.

3:00pm – We wanted to go to the candy store on Newbury that no longer exists – the next logical choice was CVS.  Between the four of us I think we got 10 different types of candy. I got Dots.  Awesome. And I lied, I actually do have a picture of this portion of the afternoon, but I don’t think my compadres would be thrilled about its inclusion.

4:30pm – A stop at Starbucks for a refreshing ice tea beverage and some people watching.

6:00pm – Marissa (former roommate and weekend guest) and I hit our old stomping ground Olives for pre-theater sustenance.  Tuna sashimi lollipops that I am still dreaming about, more bread, a delicious gimlet followed by an even more delicious St. Germain cocktail, and an asparagus, fontina, bacon and morel mushroom tart from the wood fired oven for me, and duck with a scallion pancake for her.  (I think it may have been an entire duck…biggest plate of food I had seen in a long time…it lost its ranking just a few hours later…stay tuned.)

8:00pm – Off to the theater…RENT was fantastic

11:00pm – Cocktails at a couple local watering holes…names withheld to protect the innocent…not food, but calories, so it counts

2:00am – Armed with beer roadies in sippy cups complete with straws, we decide to finish the evening in Chinatown.  Obviously.  We ordered lo mein, pork spareribs, walnut prawns and egg drop soup, which was plenty more than we needed.  There was a brief issue when duck sauce was delivered and Marissa mistook it for her soup.  Another (turned out to be fortuitous) hiccup when I returned from my trip to the ladies’ room to find a stranger at my table. This stranger, we shall call him Tony, apparently wandered into the restaurant by his lonesome, and felt that our table was big enough to share.  Marissa, being the exceptionally kind person that she is, allowed this to happen.  I will not be going to the restroom in Chinatown again.  But Tony did redeem himself.  He ordered wok fried dungeness crab AND wok fried lobster to share with us. These displaced the duck as the largest plates of food I have seen in a long time.  And the were spectacularly delicious. And he turned out to be a charming dining companion.  Marissa’s kindness: 1, Meghan’s stranger danger: 0

4:00am – I found myself eating lo mein directly off the serving plate and we decided to call it a night.

An epic 15 hours that was worth every calorie.

One thought on “In which I had a fantastic 15 hours in food…

  1. Yes, thank you for not posting the picture of me holding an empty Butterfingers box. The operative word being empty, since I had downed it in about 1 1/2 blocks (and right after eating lunch). Bad.

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