In which I answer my fan mail…

Not so sure if I will be posting recipes exactly, I am not particularly good at them.  Unless I am baking (see: cake) I don’t really measure stuff. However, I got a question about tempura, and I can answer that…

Some tempuras have egg in the mix, but I enjoy and have had great success with a non-egg batter.  Equal parts flour and a fizzy liquid-I used a cup of each for the green beans- club soda, beer (I cannot recommend all fizzy liquids, I make no promises about coke or pepsi, though suddenly I’m intrigued.)  Add a pinch of salt, some cayenne pepper if you’d like, old bay maybe…whatevs. Then dump some canola or vegetable oil in a deep pot. (I am a nervous fryer, the larger the better for me, and I have no idea how much oil.  I use a lot, perhaps unnecessarily.  Again, not so good with the recipes, I’ll work on it.) Heat the oil to 375° and dump whatever you are tempura-ing in in batches.  It finishes pretty quickly, it shouldn’t get too brown.  Drain on paper towels and enjoy!

If you get nothing else from this (which is about what it has to offer) take away that it is not scary or particularly hard.  What is the worst that could happen besides a grease fire?

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