In which I make lobster and artichokes to serve as vehicles for butter.

I am a lobster purist.  I love it anyway I can get it, but my favorite way to eat it is boiled and dipped in butter.  My friend and former roommate came up this weekend for a little reunion and a little “RENT” so I picked up some giant artichokes, and some fantastic lobsters, and we melted some butter and had quite the feast.  I added some garlic to the butter for the artichokes which was tasty, and I pan roasted some farmers’ market fingerling potatoes.  We started with mojitos and finished with some Gruner Veltliner and we were in business.

vehicles for butter...

vehicles for butter...

These lobsters were perfect.  The shells were soft enough that we didn’t need crackers to get into them, and the meat was the best I have had in a long time.  1.5 lb lobsters, boiled for 13 minutes and voila!  Nothing could be easier. I don’t have a vegetable steamer, which is kind of ridiculous, so I had to jury-rig some miniature tart pans into steaming racks for the artichokes, steamed 20 minutes, dipped in garlic butter.  Doesn’t get any better.  There are neater meals out there, but not many tastier ones. And not many that are as efficient at getting melted butter into my mouth. And we ate at the table instead of on the couch.  An added perk of lobster is that it makes you so grown up.

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