A blog is born…

Most of my waking life is spent thinking about food. (I sleep the sleep of the dead, so I can’t vouch for my sleeping life, but when my subconscious is not busy rehashing all the gruesome traumas of a perfectly functional suburban childhood, I am guessing it is food focused as well.)  When I am not eating, I am thinking about my next opportunity to do so.  When I am eating, I am thinking about my next opportunity to do so.  I love to eat, cook, look at, experiment with, read about, talk about and comfort myself (and others) with food.  If I didn’t live in the middle of the city, I am sure I would like to grow my own food.  It consumes me, and I imagine that gets tiresome for those in my life who are not as obsessed (though they have been kind enough never to mention it) so I am blogging to give them a break from listening to me.  I don’t suspect many people will read or care, but for those who do (Hi Gram! Dad! Meredith!) Bread and Ginger is here.

About Me: I am from a food family.  There were and are a few blips on the radar, including a sibling’s phase that limited her diet to things that were dry and white, and covered in soy sauce or ketchup, another family member’s strong aversion to tiny salty fish in any form, and my own war with parsley (too strong to be simply garnish, too blah to be of use to me) and cilantro (tastes like soap) but mostly, a food family.  Chinese feasts sitting around the very low coffee table in the living room-lettuce wraps are a family fave- lunches so delightful my father had to make two sandwiches because the boys in the caf would beg for half of mine, birthday celebrations that centered around what each of the kids would pick for their special dinner (at different times this included chinese fried chicken wings, garlic spaghetti, lobster risotto and grilled steak.)  Since then, I have found myself living in an apartment that I love, with a huge kitchen fundamentally lacking in counter space, which I have yet to remedy.  I am in a fantastic neighborhood right in the heart of Boston.  I have a cube job that makes me sad and friends and family in the area that make me happy.  I cook for myself a lot, for my peeps whenever I can, and I have made a wedding cake.

the cake

the cake

I have no idea what form this blog will take, or if anyone will actually read it. Blogs are a bit narcissistic and a bit prententious, but I’m a sharer, and to save my friends the continued agony, a blog it will be.  Enjoy.

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